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  1. Philosophy

    They would believe simultaneously that they live in the best and the worst version if there is no other version.
  2. Philosophy

    Even if that were the belief of the pessimist, the quote still holds true as the pessimist would be forced into thinking that they live in the best version of the world since there is no other world contrary.
  3. Philosophy

    What philosopher was it that stated this? I've never read this one before.
  4. Philosophy

    I'd argue it's a variant of reluctance in making decisions; as a good leader will analyze the multitude of potential outcomes for each decision and how that effects other decisions which will be made further down the line. The quote itself seemingly implies that a good leader has strong foresight.
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  9. Lad Squad

    From left to right PFC A.Richmond, CW2 R.Wilkes, A/CPL H.Odinson, 2LT B.English & PFC T.Phillips More pics from this day
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    Never seen any unit do this; good way to connect the community. How did you get Post Malone to model the t-shirt for you?
  15. TS 3 compatibility

    If you choose to update TS3, you can update TFAR and reinstall the TS3 plugin to fix this issue.