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    Application View Application Status Dan Kiwi Submitted 09/15/2019 11:15 AM Name Dan Kiwi Email drg.in.enzed@gmail.com Timezone Pacific/Auckland Country New Zealand Additional Application Fields Steam ID 76561198169901522 Date of Birth 09/02/2005 Communications Yes Commitment Time 6 Attendance Yes How did you hear about us? via steam discussions Recruiter CPL J.Zad Why do you want to join the 3rd Ranger Battalion? (Be descriptive) Looking for a casual milsim to have fun in Arma 3 Have you been in any realism/milsim units before? No
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    I have been playing the ofp / arma game for 12 years but I have always played solo and now I wanted to play multi
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    Application View Application Status Łukasz Marcin Submitted 09/14/2019 02:35 PM Name Łukasz Marcin Email lukaszkazmierczak1987r@gmail.com Timezone Europe/Warsaw Country Poland Additional Application Fields Steam ID 76561198876729229 Date of Birth 02.06.1987 Communications Yes Commitment Time 50h Attendance Yes How did you hear about us? From Steam Recruiter Guest Why do you want to join the 3rd Ranger Battalion? (Be descriptive) I wanted to feel the realism of the battlefield and have fun together with other team members Have you been in any realism/milsim units before? I've never played multiplayer so I wasn't a member of any arma group. It's my first time
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    Application View Application Status Philipp Wolf Submitted 09/14/2019 01:06 PM Name Philipp Wolf Email phildiallo@web.de Timezone Europe/Berlin Country Germany Additional Application Fields Steam ID 76561198823614006 Date of Birth 11/07/2001 Communications Yes Commitment Time 6 Attendance Yes How did you hear about us? Steam Recruiter CPL J.Zad Why do you want to join the 3rd Ranger Battalion? (Be descriptive) I'am looking for a Arma 3 Batallion that is ok with players without much experiance Have you been in any realism/milsim units before? no
  12. Custom Gear Feedback

    Small Update 14SEP2019: Added three more variations of the Multicam Vest. Changed the texture on all Multicam Issued Helmets. Added Multicam Helmet to the [3RB] Section with a new texture. Small config tweaks (not completed) What is happening next? Redoing all the textures to a much higher quality. Reconfiguring already issued vests to fit more load and make a realistic weight. Note: This udpate was released on Saturday Morning which is the same day as the Operation. This is a NOT REQUIRED UPDATE and primarily containts new cosmetics.
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  14. Custom Gear Feedback

    Space ain't happenin'... But variety I would like as well. Protection can be debated. Can we get all the back plate additions? I'm looking at MarCiras variations. They fit the CPCs well and are actually useful in terms of carrying capacity.
  15. Custom Gear Feedback

    More variety in carriers, more space, more protection and make colours match thx x
  16. Custom Gear Feedback

    -I've done some testing and noticed that new carriers are less protective, an AKM(7.62x39) punches right through even beyond 300M also seen that the hitbox is smaller leaving the space below the shoulders unprotected. -I would appreciate more selection when it comes to backpack given the broad selection we have. -Finding a way to add squad tags on the chest-rig rather than sifting through 7 versions would be amazing so that we have a tidier arsenal (Maybe have them as Arm Patches?) (Quality of Life suggestion could ignore) -One suggestion would be having a light and a heavy set of carriers trading mobility for better protection
  17. Custom Gear Feedback

    Keep this post to feedback for this mod and not suggestions for other mods, we have another forum for that. I have already deleted 2 posts here today because of this.
  18. Custom Gear Feedback

    I do believe I saw it in the new modpack, let me check and get back to you. Edit: Yes, they are indeed part of the new modpack, named simply "LBT" At least they look like 6094As... There's even Comms variants for all the squads and Actual so I'm assuming they're coming eventually. Let me rephrase then: Are we allowed to use the non-unit-custom variants until the custom unit patches are added to them?
  19. Custom Gear Feedback

    Not sure if theres a mod for the 6094A
  20. Custom Gear Feedback

    Are you planning to issue new LBT 6094a vests? Very partial to that model.
  21. Custom Gear Feedback

    The new vests are nice looking, though i would much prefer the Crye JPC shape plate carriers
  22. Custom Gear Feedback

    What i have Observed is that the New uniforms are way to bright so if it was to been used, it would need to be darked a bit. That said if the Goal is to move away from VSM, then there is UPS that have same type of stuff that we have added to the new but better coloring https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1795825073
  23. Custom Gear Feedback

    In theory Zad's issue could be fixed by a little config tinkering. I think they're all cool but ye weird no variation in weight and load being trash.
  24. Custom Gear Feedback

    If we are talking about visual design, personally I see no problems there. The new vests look pretty cool and so do the backpacks and helmets. On the configurations though... It kind of bugs me that all the vest have the exact same stats with the exception of weight. Example: [3RB] CPC Multicam w/belt (Team Lead) weights 3.18kg and has as much carrying capacity as every other with less weight, while having more space (visually) than them. Just saying it should be reflected in some stat boosts or just increase in the capacity. The backpacks are free of this problem (same weight and load cappacity), but they have been reduced to almost cosmetic item with how much you can carry in them. There is literally one [USP] Pack Fasthawk (Multicam) which has an axe on the back as a visual, but the space wont allow you to carry it. Overall it is a nice addition to our gear and I´m really looking forward to having it, just minor tweaks should be good. Yours PS. I could go a bit more in depth if needed.
  25. Custom Gear Feedback

    Overall I like the new vests/helmets more than the old ones. I don't think we should be using the new uniforms as are lower quality. I would like to be issued the JPC /w battlebelt as they have a slightly bigger capacity, look better IMO, but are a bit heavier. For example, the medic one with the battlebelt, tells you that, the guy wearing it, is a medic, just by looking at him. Also the backpanels/backpacks should have bigger capacity. As of right now, we can only put 1x 5.56 mag in it.
  26. Custom Gear Feedback

    We will not be issuing OGA OD in the first patches as the mod update is based around MC and RGR. The helmets will be textured a bit further to match Them more with the new vests and uniforms.
  27. Custom Gear Feedback

    The new vests are some what fine, dont really like how the clipp together with the backbacks tho The models for the new helmets are cool... just the color is butt arse ugly whould love to see em in the much better OGA OD or what ever its called //SPC P.Seignér
  28. Custom Gear Feedback

    We have been issued new gear in the unit and we are attempting to move away from the current VSM structure. However, as most of these assets are individually configured by us (e.g they do not have the restrictions a mod usually have) that will allow us to work and edit them much further. Lately i have been getting a lot of individual messages on what can be improved and configured further, however i can simply not keep track over so many messages on steam. And considering that this mod is created by the community, for the community, who not better to involve in the developement for the mod if not the actual community? So i have some questions: Are the new models/texture more aesthetically pleasing then the previous uniforms? Are they configured more realistically compared to the previous uniforms? Would appreciate some responses on the questions above. Feel free to add suggestions to this specific mod as well!
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