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  1. Weds/Fri Night Unofficial Z-missions

  2. Day 6 - Esseker Z-Campaign - 19:00 GMT

    Additions to standard modpack: Esseker Map Zombie's & Demons
  3. The Meme Zone

  4. Weds/Fri Night Unofficial Z-missions

    Wednesday 12/12/18 is Day 3 all welcome. If your new we'll find an interesting way of inserting you .
  5. Weds/Fri Night Unofficial Z-missions

    Camp 2 Meeting Monday. Meet in PFC. R.Barton's Channel at 8:00pm GMT.
  6. Weds/Fri Night Unofficial Z-missions

    New Logistics Report of Camp 1 & Camp 2 (some info is not presented for good reason): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nq-RnelUuggyx6fAQf6YTeYu6UP6emiUXAO5vhuNeCA
  7. Weds/Fri Night Unofficial Z-missions

    Day 2 will be Tomorrow; Friday. 07/12/2018. All welcome.
  8. Weds/Fri Night Unofficial Z-missions

    Lore: Russian aggression is on the rise. More and more pressure is being put on Eastern Europe and the Global Community. With their recent success with Crimea, Russian looks to further push their influence of large areas of previous USSR territory. Their plan relies on the support of the people within the areas, as well as being seen as being a stabilizing force within these newly occupied areas. The indecision within the U.N. has hampered any form of resistance to this new Russian aggression most notably along the Ukraine-Russia border. NATO countries have refused to support the Ukraine Government with military aid out of fear that this would lead to an escalation of the conflicts within these border states. This is due to a recent civil conflict in these states between Russian Nationalists, and Ukrainian Forces; which resulted in a unstable ceasefire. Ukraine continues to implore the Global community to support them with weapons and equipment they desperately need, as they run the risk of being outmatched against the rebels due to the rebels having unconfirmed Russian Military support. Recently, the U.N. has opened up negotiations with Russian officials, in hopes to remove Russian occupying forces from these border states, and return them to Ukraine's Government. During these negotiations it has been agreed that the border territory between Ukraine and Russia will be demilitarize and forces of both sides will remove themselves from the area while the U.N. brings aid, and relief supplies to the worst affected regions of this conflict. Most of the regions where the civil conflict's fighting has been intense, has lead to a breakdown of infrastructure, and an increase of preventable nature disasters. Certain U.N. officials have expressed concern on whether Russia will uphold their end of the deal while negotiations are taking place, in addition to whether such a breakdown of infrastructure was contributed to by an unknown party outside of the civil conflict. In order to strengthen the Western Powers' negotiating position, NATO has been requested to gather integral Intel regarding possible Russian Military Support for the pro-russian insurgency. It is believed that if the insurgency does work closely with the Russian Government that they would attempt to continue conflict against any Pro-Ukraine nationals still remaining in the border regions In addition to hampering any relief effort made by the U.N. in order to discredit the global communities effort to help the area, and through what would be seen as a sudden increasing trend of a humanitarian crisis after Russian withdrawal from the area; would strengthen Russia's position within the negotiations. In response to the U.N.'s request to monitor the situation and gather intelligence regarding Russia's possible unsanctioned operations within the now demilitarized area, NATO proposed to deploy a covert team to the area, undercover and Pro-Ukraine nationals or Hired Guns within the border states. This team would be assigned to monitor both Pro- Russian Insurgent, and Russian Military operations within the effected areas. In order to support these teams, logistics would be run through the U.N. relief convoys and delivered to discreet drop off points as to not draw the attention of either the local population or Russian officials. As such an operation if uncovered would shatter any bargaining position for the Western Powers it will be considered as an unsanctioned operation and no record of any action within this operation will be made. Task Force 2 will be deployed to the most effected state of Esseker along the Chernihiv – Bryansk portion of the border, in order to investigate a significant drop in population as well as a spike in death rate, which is considered an outlier when compared to the rest of the conflict affected regions. Some of the most fierce fighting of the civil conflict has been seen in this region with a significant Pro-Russian Insurgency present within this area. It is believe that the Ukraine Defense Force will be providing background assistance with Intel as well as security around the immediate area of the FOB originally intended upon the initial insertion of the Task Force. The results of this operation will dictate the future of Eastern Europe, and if NATO was to fail in supporting the UDF in this region, it would present an embarrassing failure of the alliance, and would undermine the primary initiative of NATO.
  9. Weds/Fri Night Unofficial Z-missions

  10. Weds/Fri Night Unofficial Z-missions

    Big thanks to all those who attended tonight on the 28/11/18. Great little op and a good start to the new story. All Lore will be posted here as well as any extra intel affecting this story will be marked purple.
  11. Weds/Fri Night Unofficial Z-missions

    Make sure you guys add the new map mod to your mod pack. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498101407
  12. Weds/Fri Night Unofficial Z-missions

    First order of business is whether not people would prefer to wait to complete the current campaign on Altis or begin the Esseker Campaign? Obviously there are completionists among us and so I wanted to get an idea of how people are feeling in regards to how they want their mini ops to continue. Thread is public so please do reply with your response.
  13. As the collective body is unable to post ideas regarding zombie ops, as well as points of feedback on the announcement section this has been made. Furthermore, any info coming from me will be posted here in advance with red text. Primarily the day of the week the op will be hosted. Regards, R.Barton
  14. Enlistment Application from Robert Barton Game: Arma 3 ----- Personal Information ----- First Name: Robert Last Name: Barton Email: Email Disabled Date of Birth: 06-29-2000 Age: 18 Country: GB Timezone: GMT ----- Game Information ----- Current In-Game Name: R. Barton Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:53298140 Player ID: 76561198066862008 Previous Clans: Yes Previous Clans List: 4th IB ----- Communications ----- Teamspeak 3: Yes Microphone: Yes ----- Unit Related Questions ----- Commitment Time: Reserve Reasons for joining: I play on the public servers and get on well with various members of the group. I am interest in milsim, and would like to see how I do within this unit. How did they hear about us: Public Servers