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  1. Announcement : Dedicated DCS Server

    DCS Server The 3RB DCS Server is now available How to connect to the server: DCS Version: Open Beta Open the Multiplayer Server Browser and search 3rd Ranger Realism. Or connect via IP : The password is: 3RB Custom missions: If you have any missions you wish to upload to the server please contact one of the MP or S6 members. Please ensure that your mission works before uploading. Message from @CPT H.Claude: If anyone has suggestions for public servers or would like to create one, don't be afraid to contact of one the MPs/S6 or myself.
  2. General ARMA 3 Screenshots

  3. General ARMA 3 Screenshots

  4. The Meme Zone

  5. DayZ Modded Server The 3RB DayZ Server is now live! How to connect to the server: DZSA Launcher (Recommended) Download and install DZSA Launcher. In the Filters section, search "Lone Ranger". (Recommended: Click the star to favourite the server so that it shows on the homepage) Click the play button to begin downloading the server mods. Once the mods are downloaded, the launcher will automatically open DayZ and connect you the server. Workshop Mod Collection The server mods can also be downloaded through the Steam Workshop via our workshop collection. Click here to subscribe to the collection. Once all the mods are downloaded, run DayZ with the DayZ Launcher. (Recommended: Make a PRESET so in future you don't have to manually select the mods) Go to the mods section, load up the mods you downloaded and click PLAY. Go to CHANGE SERVER and search for Lone Ranger in the filter tab. Connect to the server. Additional Notes: Configurations are still being made to the Loot and Trader Economy.
  6. Zombie Ops - Server 2

    Day 3 - Hosted by Barton
  7. First person only poll

    I agree
  8. The Meme Zone

  9. R. Hendrickson

  10. CT Hydra

  11. Mr Welshy