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    How to request a Temporary Pass Request or a Leave of Absence

    Navigate to the Operations Centre under the PERSCOM tab. Then click on the Personnel Action Request button and select the appropriate response from the drop down menu.



    Click on option 1 for a TPR.

    Click on option 2 for a LOA request.

    Now all that is left to do is to fill in the template that pops up.


    Q: What is a Temporary Pass Request (TPR)?

    A: A Temporary Pass Request should be filed if personnel are aware they are not going to be able to make it to that week’s Operation or Training.


    Q: What is a Leave of Absence (LOA)?

    A: A Leave of Absence request should be filed if the individual is going to be away longer than 1 weekend for example a 2 week holiday or a month long business trip.


    Q: Should I request a LOA or a TPR?

    A: If you are only gone for one event or for one weekend, then file a TPR. Anything longer and you should file a LOA.


    Q: Why should I file TPRs?

    A: Primarily because if you do not file a TPR, the website will recognise you’re inactive and you will be considered AWOL. Furthermore it allows squads to plan around your absence, making it more for fun for everyone else.


    Q: What if I am unable to TPR on the website?

    A: Although we do not encourage it, the very minimum of a message to your Squad Leader should suffice.


    Q: When should I TPR?

    A: Preferably between 2-5 days before the event you are due to miss. Definitely not on the day though!



    PERSCOM, nor its management, is able to change your website name. This causes issues when you get promoted as you will no longer have the correct rank abbreviation infront of your name.
    You are now responsible for ensuring that your name is always up to date and in the following format:
    ABBREVIATED RANK                  FIRST INITIAL                  [PERIOD]                  LAST NAME
                     PFC                                         A                                      .                              Example
    PFC A.Example - Your name should look like this when you enter it.
    NOTE: You can only change your name 3 times every 30 days so ensure you enter it correctly.
    To change your name you must first log in to your account and click on the drop down by your name in the top right corner.
    From here you can either click Change or click on the Display Name tab on the left hand side.
    Enter your new display name and click Save