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    When a soldier is accepted into the unit, regardless of enlistment method, he is required to conduct a two phased Ranger Assessment and Selection Program. During the RASP the new soldier will learn a variety of tactics, formations, maneuvers and etiquette which are necessary to fully experience milsim. The purpose of the RASP is to prepare all soldiers for their MOS.
    Even though Ranger Assessment and Selection Program trains soldiers to perform his basic duties, the Advanced Individual Training will teach the soldier on how to perform his billet-specific MOS. Any soldier who have signed himself up for 89D, 25C or 68W will recieve his/hers training here.
      The combat medic specialist is responsible for providing medical treatment to wounded soldiers. The Combat Life Saver is accompanying the Platoons and Company elements during trainings and deployments. Medics provide initial emergency medical care, evacuation and supervison of other soldiers with medical training (such as Squad Medics with AIT FME) as well with providing medical advice to chain of command.
      The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist Course will allow soldiers to qualify as 89D EOD Specialists in the field, which will work as their secondary operative billet. During this course soldiers will learn to search and identify ordnance, defusing ordnance and explosively disposing of hazardous ordnance.
      The Radio Telephone Operator Course will allow soldiers to qualify as 25C Radio Telephone Operators. As an RTO you are responsible for your elements communication and is heavily relied upon in modern warfare to communicate on behalf of your element. During this course you will learn: Signal Operating Instructions (SOI), Communications etiquette and equipment handeling.
      The 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment is an airborne unit, and is what the unit specialize in. However, Airborne Operations are rare and does not occur frequently. Airborne Schools are for that reason usually only helt twice a year.
      Air Assault Operations are some of the most conducted Operations in modern warfare. As we are representing the 75th Ranger Regiments 3rb Battalion, these schools are helt often. The basic of Air Assault is thought in RASP, while the more advanced techniques and infantry maneuvers conducted while the operation is ongoing is thought in this course.
      In addition to WC AIT which allows soldiers to qualify with different weaponry, the Long rance Precision Course is made to put already existing Marksmen to a test, where they can learn new techiques. The course consists of range estimation, target detection, ballistics, night shooting, unknown distance qualification, and alternate shooting positions.
      Warrior Leader's Course (Basic Leader Course) is the first leadership course Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) attend. WLC is a 2 day course that teaches Specialists and Corporals the basic skills to lead small groups of soldiers. This course will go through powerpoint and discussions sessions. Topics covered include conflict resolution, developing subordinates, building effective teams, and leadership fundamentals.
      This course focuses on leadership and technical skills required to prepare soldiers selected for promotion to Staff Sergeant to effectively lead squad and platoon sized units. The ALC consists of a 2 day program that covers Army Leadership, Military Decisions Making Process, After Action Review, Leadership Principles, Battlemind, and other discussion topics.