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    @ADV – ACE CPR
    @ADV – ACE Splint
    @EM (Enhanced Movement)
    @kyo (Konyo’s MH-47E Chinook)
    @SMA V2.7.1
    @VSM – Accessory Pack
    14th January 2019
    +Tembelan Island added
    -Diyala removed
    18th December 2018
    +ace updated
    +ACE_RHS_compatibility_files updated
    +CBA3 updated
    16th October 2018
    +Diyala added
    +Berets updated (3SFGCustom)
    -Lingor removed
    -Isla Duala removed

    Mod Installation Guide

    To play ArmA 3 as part of the 3rd Ranger Battalion you will need the required mods, as can be seen in the Mod List. This guide is aimed to help you download and install the mods correctly. If by the end of this guide you still encounter issues, request help from support staff in Teamspeak.
    The first thing you will need to be able to download the mods is ArmA 3 Sync, which you can download from the following link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199 scroll to the bottom and click on the "Click to Download ArmA3Sync".
    With ArmA3Sync downloaded as a zip file you will want to use software such as 7zip or Winrar to extract it. Following this you will want to open the installer.exe and begin the installation process.
    With the programme now installed, if this is your first time opening it, it will ask you to navigate to your ArmA 3 folder. Skip this for now.
    Now you will want to click on the 'Addon Options' tab and from their click on the 'blue plus icon' on the right hand side. It will ask you where you would like to download your mods, I recommend you create a new folder somewhere in your files and navigate to that folder instead of the normal ArmA 3 mod folder.Keeping our mods seperate from your own downloaded mods will allow for easier troubleshooting in the future. This will become more relevant later.
    Now you want to click on the 'Repositories' tab and press the 'blue plus icon'. This will bring up a new window in which you will want to enter the following: into the field 'Public auto-config url'. For NA members you may prefer to use for faster download speeds.
    Following this, click Import and then OK. You should now have our repository. If not then double check you have no spaces in the url (before of after) and try again.
    Now you want to connect to our repository which is done by clicking on the repository so that is highlighted blue and then the bottom button (shown below). When you connect to the repository it will start to scan your destination folder for any mods.
    If this is your first time, the destination folder may be incorrect. You just need to click on the drop down and select the correct destination folder where you want your mods saved (Preferably not the ArmA 3 mods folder!) Then scan your folder again by clicking on the 'green tick' button to check for addons.
    Now all you need to do is download the mods which is simply done by checking the 'select all' box and then hitting the 'play' button.
    Once your mods have been downloaded you now need to open your ArmA 3 launcher. Head to the mods tab and then look at the top. Press the Local Mod button and then navigate to your custom mods folder location (where you designated ArmA 3 sync to download them to). Now select the entire folder and it should load them all into ArmA 3, then all you need to do is enable all of them in the launcher. Now you just need to test your mods by joining our server.
    NOTE: Using other mods can often cause problems and it is not recommened to use them unless widely tested by the unit. Also using STEAM WORKSHOP versions of the mods is a common issue faced in the unit. Use our version from ArmA 3 Sync. That way you will always be on the correct version.
    UPDATES/MOD REMOVAL: If we add mods then you simply need to go into your ArmA 3 Launcher and go through the 'adding local mod' procedure again, ensuring that you enable it in the launcher too. If we remove a mod you can delete it from your files if you wish, make sure you delete the correct one though. You will be able to see what gets added and removed in the change log.
    TASK FORCE RADIO INSTALLATION: Taskforce Radio requires a separate plugin installation. To do this close your TeamSpeak client if you currently have the application open. Next navigate into your mod folder then into @task_force_radio. Now go into the teamspeak folder within @task_force_radio and double click the task_force_radio TeamSpeak addon, this will automatically start a installation wizard to install the plugin. Following this you can launch your TeamSpeak application. Go into Tools>Options>Addons and enable Task Force Radio.